Head of House: Mr D Hart

Britten House Motto: Fight the Good Fight, Finish the Race, Keep the Faith

Our House Values: Our house motto is based on biblical reference and can be interpreted in many ways. This is our Interpretation:

Fight the Good Fight

We value the notion of service to others.

That we are able to look beyond our own personal gains and we can put our efforts into achieving something for a greater good. We value service that contributes to and benefits our school, charity and the wider community.

Finish the Race

We value tenacity and recognise that although things are not always easy, that we see things through to the end or completion.

We value commitment to solving problems, to over-coming difficulties and we don't give up.

Keep the Faith

We value self-belief and inner strength that motivates us to persevere at challenges and tasks that we set our selves or that we are faced with.

In Britten house we also value the quality of trustworthiness and recognise that we need to be able to put our faith in others.

Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural

Within the form all learners have the opportunity to develop and be supported in a variety of ways.

We think it is essential that we provide our learners with opportunities to experience the responsibilities of adult life. Learners are encouraged to contribute to the form and house and become sports and form captains, literacy monitors, and mentors. These roles adopted within Britten house form groups provide a platform from which learners can achieve year 10 assistant, prefect, and senior prefect status. For some pupils this will include deputy and head boy or girl.
It is the intention, that all pupils will contribute in some way towards by offering a minimum of 5 hours service towards their form or the house through these roles. Or contribute to the whole school or the community through commitment to these further responsibilities or by participating in extra curricular teams or fundraising for charity.

Interventions and support

All learners within Britten house should feel supported; this support offered by progress mentors is excellent, when necessary further support is available.

There are a variety of extra layers of support available and can start from monitoring progress and behaviour with the use of a report or home school book. Referrals to other agencies that work in or very closely with the school can be supportive for some pupils.

The support received from parents as well as communication between parents, progress mentors, head of house and the learner is highly valuable and we encourage our families to get involved.