Flegg High Ormiston Academy

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care at Flegg High Ormiston Academy is about encouraging learners' personal and social development and fostering positive attitudes through the guidance of positive role models.

Through the quality of teaching and learning; through the nature of relationships between pupils, teachers and other adults; through arrangements for monitoring and reviewing pupils’ overall academic performance; through specific pastoral structures and support systems; and through extra curricular activities and the school ethos.

Working closely with learners and their families we will support all learners to achieve their potential and benefit from the full range of educational opportunities Flegg High Ormiston Academy has to offer.

Staff Roles: Information for Families

Progress Mentor

This person has the overview of your child's academic progress and general welfare.

The mentor is the first point of contact for most issues. He/she will see your child everyday. The mentor will check the homework diary every week and will monitor that your child is properly equipped and ready to learn. He/she will play a key role in monitoring your child’s progress and helping your child to set targets for improvement. The mentor is the best person to sort out minor issues between your child and other members of the class and is able to liaise with other staff on your behalf.

Subject Teacher

As is clear from the title, this person teaches your child for one particular subject.

They are the best person to contact to discuss your child's progress in that subject and issues such as homework in that subject.


This person is responsible for ensuring that SEN pupils are provided with the full support necessary in order to maximise progress.

Liaison with families is a key part of the role. You should contact this person with any issues over progress.

Heads of Year

This person is responsible for leading a group of Mentors in a Year

Their role is to monitor individual pupil progress across the curriculum and track the performance of groups of pupils. This may involve working with groups of pupils to raise achievement. They deal with social and emotional issues affecting your child's progress. You should contact this person if you have general concerns about your child's progress in a number of subjects and the Progress Mentor has been unable to help.
The Head of Year will also organise extra curricular activities for their Year and lead the Year.

Student Services

Inclusion Manager/Pastoral Assistants Under the leadership of the Inclusion Manager, there are 4 Pastoral Assistants working within the school.

Pastoral Assistants deal with issues relating to attendance and punctuality, uniform, behaviour and general pupil welfare. Pastoral Assistants will liaise with Progress Mentors and Heads of Year in order to support your child effectively. You should contact school and ask to speak to a Pastoral Assistant if you have concerns about your child's welfare.

Assistant Principals

There are 3 Assistant Principals who  are responsible for one of the key areas identified:

  • Learning Outcomes 
  • Learning Behaviours
  • Personal Development

Each of the Assistant Principals also has a responsibility for standards in a year group.

Business & Enterprise Manager

This person is responsible for ensuring that a Business & Enterprise ethos is embedded in ALL aspects of school life.

Principal & Vice Principal

Both have overall responsibility for quality and standards in the school.

Subject Leaders

Subject Leaders act as a Head of Department and take responsibility for managing the work of subject teachers within the department.

You should contact him/her if you wish to discuss issues relating to one particular subject and the subject teacher has been unable to help.


Ms V Stolworthy: Vice Principal
Mrs R Bullard: Business Manager
Mr T Pull: SENCO
Mrs A Wildey: Inclusion Manager

Assistant Principals
Miss V Coe: Learning Behaviours - Martin House
Mr D Guy: Learning Outcomes - Britten House
Mr C Linehan: Personal Development - Julian House

Heads of Year
Mr B Nelson : Year 7
Mrs A McInally : Year 8
Mr M Bending: Year 9
Miss A Barry: Year 10
Mrs J Sheriff: Year 11