Flegg High Ormiston Academy

Britten House

Head of House: Mr D Hart


Assistant Principal: Mr D Guy

‘Fight the good fight, finish the race, keep the faith’

       Benjamin Britten 1912 - 1976


Britten House derives its name from one of the most celebrated British composers of the 20th century. Benjamin Britten was a giant of the world stage whose roots were firmly in East Anglia. His music was inspired by the local landscapes and sea.

Our house motto is based on a biblical reference and can be interpreted in many ways. This is our interpretation:

Fight the good fight: we value the notion of kindness towards others and we look beyond our own personal gains for those of the greater good. We value efforts which benefit our school, charity and the wider community.

Finish the race: we encourage tenacity and recognise that although things are not always easy, we must see them through to the end. We value commitment to problem solving, to overcoming difficulties and resilience.

Keep the faith: we promote self-belief and support collaborative opportunities. We also appreciate the trustworthiness and recognise that fact that sometimes we need to be able to put our faith in others.


Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural:

In Britten House, we think that it is essential that we provide our students with opportunities to experience additional responsibility ranging from form and house captains, literacy monitors, mentors, sports leaders. These skills can provide students with a platform from which they can achieve year 10 assistant, prefect, senior prefect and even Head girl/boy status.