Flegg High Ormiston Academy


How will my GCSEs be graded?

We have been working hard in the academy getting to grips with the new way of grading the GCSEs; whilst you know that we’re sending in estimated grades, they will form a part of a process that takes into account a whole range of data including national performance and your prior attainment at Key Stage 2.  It is difficult for us to know what your grades will look like in August because the exam boards will be allocating them but rest assured your teachers have worked hard to do the right thing for all students.

How will my BTECs be graded?

We have had a further update on how the grading of BTEC qualifications will work and have submitted our grades accordingly: 

  • Coursework marks submitted for all coursework completed before 20th March
  • Estimated coursework marks submitted for all coursework due to be completed between 20th March and 31st July
  • Students are ranked within the qualification
  • Exam board quality assurance and standardisation of coursework
  • Exam board apply external assessment grades based on centre ranking, previous performance in the assessment, grades already achieved and coursework grades

We will be submitting data to Pearson and the results for these qualifications will be released on results day in line with the GCSE grades. As I have previously explained, we have been through a rigorous process working hard with class teachers and OAT to ensure we have completed a difficult task with integrity. We are very proud of the work that staff have done for our learners.


Can I resit any GCSE that I am not happy with my result in?

Ofqual have also released information on the GCSE examinations that they will be offering in the Autumn.  If students are unhappy with their grade in any GCSE subject, they can be entered to take an exam in that subject in the Autumn.  The exact dates for these exams have not been confirmed due to the current uncertainty of rules related to coronavirus.  What has been confirmed is:

  • Entries do not need to be made until the end of August – after GCSE results day
  • Results for English and mathematics will be released in January provided exams are in November and for all other subjects in February
  • A student’s highest grade out of the summer one and the exam sat in the Autumn will be the one that stands