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This section links to the key sites that will enable your child to access remote learning at home.

You will have received some information about what provisions we have in place but this is your definitive list.

  • All timetabled lessons will continue to be delivered by staff in the online platforms.  You have been sent the codes for all classes and your child should sign up to the relevant Google classrooms.  They can use their school timetable to make sure they have the right class.
  • During their lessons, teachers will be remotely delivering live lessons on Microsoft Teams to year 11 and year 10 where possible.  Codes will be put into their Google classroom and further instructions about when the lessons are starting will be in the Google classroom.  These lessons are audio recorded (with a PowerPoint or whiteboard on the screen) and there will be no video function from the staff or students and no audio function from students.  This will ensure that the programme works efficiently and all participants are safeguarded.
  • We have purchased GCSEPod for all students.  They can use their school login to access it and it has revision and tutorials for all GCSE subjects and exam boards that the students are studying. This is a phenomenal resource and has proved hugely successful in all schools where it has been used.
  • Google classrooms and Microsoft Teams can be accessed via the Xbox One and PS4 browsers if you have access to a console.  
  • Google classrooms and GCSEPod have apps that can be accessed from mobile devices.
  • Links to Microsoft 365 (where Teams can be found) and GCSEPod are in the useful links tab on the school website.  If students login to their emails via the school website, they will be logged into Google and the 9 dot tile at the top will give them access to Google classrooms.
  • Enter the E-safety poster competition in the Google classroom (code: zzpth2u) 


20 Learning Apps for your child


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