Flegg High Ormiston Academy

Student Training Day 20.04.20


To start the next term as we would usually we are going to give students a training day. There will be three hour long activities with follow up work posted in Google Classrooms dedicated to their year groups. Having completed student INSET on "Independent Learning Techniques" in September and "Mental Health and Wellbeing" in January we thought it would be beneficial to students to focus on three key skills for remote learning and so our April INSET will centre around "Determination, Resilience and Independence". Students should join the classrooms at 9am using the codes provided for their year group instead of joining their normal timetabled lessons. There will be videos, training and activities relating to these key skills across the day which they can join in with - we are hoping to start next term's learning away from the academy with enthusiasm and dedication! 


The codes are:

Year 7: m2kt7ul

Year 8: pv6vdlj

Year 9: wzw4fag

Year 10: gxu6o6a

Year 11: en3mgmz