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Welcome to the English Department

As a department we know English is a core component of the education students receive both academically but also in terms of emotional literacy and making sense of the world. We aim to see every student enjoy a wealth of knowledge and experience in their 5 years of studying English at Flegg. 

 The core skills of reading, writing and speaking and listening are developed through a variety of topics and texts throughout KS3 and KS4. Students study texts from across time and themes to equip and enable them to make sense of the wider world and communicate effectively and confidently with those around them. 

We aim to ensure that: 

•Students come to learn and understand the world around them.
•We equip them with the knowledge and skills in order to communicate their ideas, thoughts and feelings.  •Their work in English is not only functional but also allows them to creatively express themselves.  •Students work hard and feel a sense of achievement in their English lessons. 

Studying English at Flegg?

At KS3 there are 6 hours of classroom based lessons a week where students study a range of topics and develop a number of skills directly linked to the GCSE skills.

◦1 hour a fortnight in the Library.
◦Homework is designed to support the core knowledge needed to access texts, extracts and a variety of tasks in class.
◦Weekly multiple choice quizzes help us know where students are excelling and areas we need to work on. ◦A range of activities take place in the classroom including: debate, inference skills, analysis, reading for enjoyment, reading for meaning, creative writing and non-fiction writing.



Meet the Department

Please click to hear a message from the Subject Leader for English, Miss Y Kemal


English Department


Student Testimonials

I enjoy English at Flegg for many reasons. It not only engages the mind in your own thoughts but opens it up to a whole range of other possibilities and ideas just by listening to the other members of the class or the teacher. You also get the opportunity to express yourself through creative writing which is amazing as you can create a world just from a sentence or image. 

 The teachers are also amazing in the English department, always there to help and expand your trail of thoughts into new possibilities. It's definitely a subject I used to dread but since studying it at Flegg I gained a love for it and look forward to every lesson.” – Year 11 student, September 2020


Examples of Student's Work


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