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Geography is challenging, motivating, topical and engaging. In our diverse society students need, more than ever before, to understand other people and cultures. The Geography department believes that geographical knowledge, concepts and skills are essential components of a broad and balanced curriculum. Geography makes a major contribution to students’ physical, intellectual, social and emotional development. As Professor Andrew Goudie puts it, 'What other subject tells us so much about the great issues of our age?


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Extra Curricular

GCSE Geography students will undertake fieldwork in two contrasting environments. Our physical fieldwork takes us to the Norfolk coastline to investigate key coastal processes and how humans manage the risk of erosion. Our human fieldwork takes us to the urban environment of Norwich where we investigate the importance of urban planning to ensure a sustainable future.


Student Testimonials

Geography is a diverse and captivating subject about real-world topics with every lesson being new and exciting. Taylor, Year 11 

I have enjoyed Geography because we are beginning to learn about countries, how to read maps and develop our Ordnance Survey skills. The knowledge quizzes are also really fun and informative which help us check our understanding of the subject. Callum, Year 7

I have really enjoyed geography so far. I particularly enjoy the mini challenges like the one that we completed to recap the 7 continents. I look forward to geography lessons when I see it on my timetable. Tye, Year 7


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