Flegg High Ormiston Academy


At Flegg High Ormiston Academy, we believe that homework has a huge impact on supporting students’ attainment; when completed regularly and when it reinforces what is going on in the classroom. Our ambition is for all students to have regular opportunities to practice, rehearse and overlearn the knowledge and skills that they are given in lessons. We want to instil in students a determination to succeed. As a result of this, our homework approach is twofold:


Independent Study:

Students are provided with Knowledge Organisers for their subjects and are given sections to revise or learn in preparation for regular knowledge recall tests. This allows students to regularly practice recalling information from their long term memory into their working memory – making it more readily available to them when they need it. Teachers will direct students to areas of the knowledge organisers to study, using a variety of methods which are shared below. Knowledge recall tests may be sat in a variety of ways either, on mini-whiteboards, in exercise books or on test sheets. These will also be assessed in a variety of ways including, potentially, teacher, peer or self. The focus of this homework is on the study and on the recall practice, which allows students to deep learn the knowledge they need for their age and stage.


Rehearsal Activities:

In addition to Independent Study, some teachers will set students rehearsal activities. These may be in the form of practice tasks which supplement those given in class, timed writing activities to give students rehearsal of longer written responses or creative tasks which reinforce knowledge and skills. The amount, frequency and nature of these tasks will be based on teachers’ professional judgement - as will the assessment of these. Teachers’ judgement will be based on students’ levels of attainment, areas for development and the nature of the subject area.


All homework will be set on Google classroom – there will also be access to a variety of Knowledge Organisers on the Flegg High Ormiston Academy website. Please support us in encouraging our young people to become independent and determined learners.


Please use this leaflet to support your child’s independent study.