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Welcome to the Music Department

The music curriculum at Flegg is designed to allow all pupils, regardless of previous musical ability, to thrive and develop. 

Throughout both Key Stages the skills of listening, composing and performing are integrated into every topic to allow pupils to become well-rounded musicians with a diverse range of skills.  We acknowledge the importance of music theory but we endeavour to teach this vital aspect of music education through practical tasks that allow the pupils to apply their knowledge to music from a variety of genres.

What will I study?

In year 7, students begin a series of projects that allow them to gain the basic skills on keyboard, ukulele and guitar.  They learn how to perform and sing as part of an ensemble and they gain an understanding of chords, melody and rhythm.  A range of musical genres are explored and students also get the opportunity to use DAW applications such as Bandlab and GarageBand.    

The year 8 curriculum is designed to help students continue to develop as performers and they are given the opportunity to become proficient on one instrument by exploring more complex chord sequences and rhythmic patterns.  Two composing projects allow students to explore the techniques used in song writing in preparation for the skills needed to access music as a GCSE option.   

We have four Key Stage 4 groups across years 9 to 11 and we offer both GCSE music and BTEC Level 2 in Music to meet the needs of our students.  In year 9, the focus is on building skills and core knowledge development in preparation for the more challenging aspects of the curriculum in years 10 and 11.  

Extra Curricular

The focus of our extra-curricular provision is to provide pupils with experiences that they might not be able to access locally.  This includes regular opportunities to perform as well as workshops musicians from different genres and cultures.  We have established links with rock bands, performers and composers whose visits provide pupils with the opportunity to experience what it is like to have a career in the music.  The music department is also strongly committed to making regular visits to arts venues both in Norfolk and nationally.  Regular concerts showcase a range of musical styles and contain performances from all our extra-curricular groups as well as performances and compositions learnt in the classroom.


We have instrumental scholarships available for two pupils in each year group who show exceptional potential in music. Successful pupils have a commitment to music that means they are dedicated to achieving the very best they can on their chosen instrument. In return for their hard work scholars are given subsidised instrumental lessons and a range of opportunities to perform throughout the year.   

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