Flegg High Ormiston Academy

Nelson House

Head of House: Mr A Brumpton


Assistant Principal: Mrs S Read

‘I have done my duty’
                   Admiral Nelson 1758-1805


Nelson House derives its name from one of the most famous officers in the Royal Navy. From humble beginnings in Norfolk, Admiral Horatio Nelson continues to be one of the most inspiration leaders of our time. He was known for his outstanding leadership and superb grasp of strategy which resulted in a number of decisive victories. Despite being wounded in combat several times, losing one arm and the sight in one eye, Nelson still played a monumental part in the Battle of Trafalgar and upon his death he was accorded a state funeral. This secured his position as one of Britain’s most heroic figures.

Like Admiral Nelson, we will all suffer adversity and challenges. However, it is with the determination to succeed and unwavering belief in being team work that we can achieve both our individual and collective goals. We want everybody to be able to ask themselves, ‘did I do enough?’ and to be able to answer a heartfelt, resounding ‘yes – I have done my duty’.

Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural:

In Nelson House, we understand that we do not all have the same skills and abilities, but when working together, nothing is insurmountable. We foster a community where we support each other to take calculated risks, push beyond the preconceived boundaries and achieve the very greatest things we are capable of. As part of this process, all students are encouraged to take on roles of additional responsibilities as these positions are vital to develop key skills valued by colleges and future employers.