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Welcome to the Science Department

Our focus is to instill a passion for science, an intrigue in the world around us and to promote a culture of ‘learning through discovery’. We cover the main principles of all three disciplines of science and incorporate practical investigation to engage and extend our learners. Science is an integral part of society, today and in the future, the skills and knowledge the students acquire from our curriculum will enable them to flourish in an ever changing world. 

What will I study?

Curriculum model: 

We have developed our own key stage three course closely following the national curriculum and the specification from AQA. This provides students with a firm foundation of scientific principles for KS4 where they will develop these ideas around real life examples following the OCR 21st Century (B) courses. 

KS3 and the national curriculum: 

On a whole we follow the national curriculum closely, this provides our students with a broad set of skills and knowledge base to enter on to either the single science or combined sciences courses. We incorporate practicals and demonstrations of science where possible to instill the love of science, awe and wonder.

Where we deviate from the curriculum in the units we teach we have accommodated fundamental scientific principles into a ‘working scientifically’ unit, for example, space and our solar system.  

KS4 curriculum: 

2019/20 will be the first year the single science will be delivered to the top set in science. This is to ensure our students are given the best opportunities in an extremely challenging environment. Combined sciences does not limit a students opportunities, the basis of the course and exams are around real life examples and gives relevance in a challenging subject. 

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 Student Testimonials

I have just started GCSE science and I think that science is important because I need science for my future job as a paramedic. I love science at Flegg because there is never a dull moment and I have learnt so many new things. 

I like it when we do electrics because I find it interesting and it's important because if we are in a situation when we need to switch a light bulb you can by yourself.  

Science is an amazing subject to come out of your comfort zone.  Science is an important subject as it can be fun and it will increase your confidence throughout school. 

I like science because it includes you in everything and you get to take part in practicals and experiments.  It is important in life because you learn about electrics so that if you have a power cut or something goes wrong you can stop it before it becomes something serious. 

I think Science is important because it's important to know how things work.  I also like science because the experiments are fun and it's exciting. 

I like Science because there is lots of fun things you can learn and do in science.  I think Science is important because we need it to get a good job when we are older and to make people proud of you when you are really good at science.  Also science is like a new language where you can learn new things and where we can learn new stuff every time. 

I think Science is important because Science will be with you throughout your whole life.  You will need Science during school, getting a job, and learning things.  I like Science because it is interesting.  I love learning about gravity and Newton. 

The things I like about Science are the practicals and the nice teachers.  Science is important in life because it will help you with getting a job and help you with your exams.


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