At Flegg High Ormiston Academy we are committed to ensuring that all learners receive a broad and balanced curriculum, one that matches a strong academic core with physical, creative and technical subjects to ensure all are engaged, inspired and ready for adult life. In creating our curriculum, we have considered our local context, the experiences and the potential of our community. We are ambitious in our expectations and allow sufficient curriculum time for our learners to develop strengths across a wide range of subjects

 Our curriculum is focused on acquiring, developing and deepening subject specific knowledge, skills and understanding so that students become mathematicians, linguists, scientists, historians, musicians and artists. We want to ignite students’ passions and help them to discover and then to nurture new talent. We are also focussed on helping to develop students beyond the academic curriculum via our PSHE programme, student leadership a varied extra-curricular programme and careers development.

Our students complete a carefully planned two year Key Stage 3 which covers the full key stage 3 national curriculum ensuring that all have a secure grounding by the time they move onto Key Stage 4. Subjects include:

French and Spanish
Food Technology
Resistant Materials
Physical Education

 Beginning Key Stage 4 in Year 9 allows students to not only have the opportunity to study 4 options subjects but to move beyond the set programmes of study and to study in greater depth, the opportunity to master and to become experts in a range of disciplines. All students have the opportunity to study the English Baccalaureate and encouraged to do so. The academy continues to have a greater proportion of students studying and achieving the English Baccalaureate than is typically the case locally and nationally. At Key Stage 4 students study:

 Core subjects of English, English literature, mathematics, combined or triple science, computer science, PE and PSHE/RE.

Options subjects include computer science, history, geography, French, Spanish, Art, Dance, Drama, Music, Sport, Resistant Materials, Food, Graphics and Travel and Tourism.

Our curriculum matches the aims of Ormiston Academies Trust which can be viewed  by clicking on this link